Brian Greenough

In his eleventh year of teaching and seventh at the International Community School of Addis Ababa, Brian openly embraces the belief that teaching is an awesomely rewarding profession where the daily the struggle to improve in the craft is part of the fun. Having taught mostly history courses at the IB and pre-IB level in Addis, Brian is prone to inserting eccentric historical details into conversation and can be often heard exhorting his kids to provide evidence. While in Addis, he has participated in the school’s transition to a one-to-one laptop model and the subsequent adoption of Moodle as the school’s primary LMS. His approach to all of this change has been to head the words of Deng Xiaoping, “Cross the river by feeling the stones.” Brian recognizes that technology in all its forms is disrupting education and he’s riding the wave as best he is able.

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