photo from Learning 2.013 by Jeff Plaman CC-BY-NC-SA

photo from Learning 2.013 by Jeff Plaman CC-BY-NC-SA

From the beginning of the conference, participants are grouped into a cohort of people in similar positions. These cohorts meet regularly throughout the conference, and provide a structured peer network that participants use to connect, share ideas, ask questions, etc. as they go through the conference. Instead of a one-off “birds of a feather” session, a cohort is intended to be the beginning of a lasting professional network.

Cohorts for L2Africa:


earlychildhoodspecialistEarly Childhood (room C017)

lowerelementaryLower Elementary (room C023)

upperelementaryUpper Elementary (room C025)

designtechnologyDesign & Technology (room S021)

englishMSHSMS/HS English/Language Arts (room L121)

esolEAL/LS (room C030)

mathematicsWSMS/HS Mathematics (room S123)

scienceHSMS/HS Science (room S105)

pePhysical Education/Health (room S110)

humanitiesMS/HS Social Studies/Humanities (room S117)

visualartsperformingartsVisual/Performing Arts (room S022)

worldlanguagesWorld Languages (room S119)

informationliteracyLibrary/Information Literacy (room L001)

technologyleadersUpperESES Tech Leader/Coach (room S017)

technologyleadersMSMS Tech Leader/Coach (room S018)

technologyleadersHSHS Tech Leader/Coach (room S019)

curriculumCurriculum Leaders (room C043)

administratorsAdministrators/School Leaders (room C021)


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